Building Cetus

Chapter 5. Building Cetus

The following tools are useful to compile Cetus. You do not need them to use Cetus if you have a Cetus JAR file, although it is normally more useful for compiler writers to modify Cetus.

  • A Java compiler. Oracles’s Java compiler, version 1.6.0 or later, is recommended, because that is what we use.
  • ANTLR v2

The organization of the directories has changed since the last release and there are several options for building Cetus.

  • For Apache Ant users: The provided build.xml defines the build targets for Cetus. The available targets are “compile”, “jar”, “clean” and “javadoc”. Users need to edit the location of the Antlr tool.
  • For Linux/Unix command line users: Run the script after defining system-dependent variables in the script.
  • For SDK (Eclipse, Netbeans, etc) users: Follow the instructions of each SDK.