Offshore Wind Learning Center

On the Threshold of a U.S. Energy Revolution

There is growing evidence of the unmatched benefits that offshore wind energy can deliver to the United States.  An opportunity exists right now to advance policymakers’ understanding and appreciation of the value of offshore wind energy and to present offshore wind as a winning energy choice to Americans.

The  Offshore Wind Learning Center provides resources to aide in the learning and communication of offshore wind energy’s unique and substantial benefits.


Wind moves the world.  Its power has shaped civilizations and transformed continents.  It blows energy through the pages of history.  The winds that sweep the East Coast can write a brand new chapter in U.S. energy resourcefulness



The Value of the Atlantic Offshore Wind Resource

Powered by the massive Atlantic jet stream, offshore wind is unmatched among East Coast alternative energy sources for its sheer abundance and its availability when it’s most needed.  Explore the benefits of offshore wind using the links below.

A Toolkit for U.S. Offshore Wind

The Offshore Wind Learning Center is loaded with easy-to-use and downloadable graphics, videos and fact sheets that make it easy for advocates to communicate the unique and substantial benefits of offshore wind to any audience in a way that is both compelling and comprehensible.