Welcome to the Hale Lab

Hello and welcome to the Hale Laboratory!

Folks in our laboratory group are interested in research and extension or communicating research to individuals in the community outside of the university in the subdisciplines of fisheries and aquaculture. We have a diverse team of talented individuals that engage in robust project design, field work, data analyses and presentations to more broadly communicate the importance of their research findings. We have a strong desire to answer applied research questions or those that require adaptive or innovative approaches aimed at answering real world questions. We explore factors that may impact diadromous fishes or those that have split life history cycles between marine and riverine environments, estuarine species, and coastal species alike covering habitats from the upper tidal reaches of an estuary out to the coastal ocean.

Additionally, we have an interest in examining topics relevant to shellfish aquaculture including issues affecting the growth and survival of Eastern Oyster, and understanding how aquaculture practices affect the environment, particularly the aquatic community.

Dr. Ed Hale leads our research group and is supported by a unique position within Delaware Sea Grant and the School of Marine Science & Policy.