To promote geographic education as a means to enhance understanding of the physical and human world. DCGE fulfills its missions by developing a passion amongst educators for geographic education, encouraging a spirit of collaboration to make geography a daily learning experience, and creating innovative programs to expose students to geographic thinking. 


Dr. Mary Schorse – DCGE Director

Dr. Tracy DeLiberty, Associate Professor, Department of Geography & Spatial Sciences

Dr. John Callahan, Visiting Professor, Associate Professor in Department of Geography & Spatial Sciences

Dr. Peter Rees – Prof Emeritus

Kevin Orzada, Graduate Student Intern

Alexis Cervantes, Undergraduate Student Intern


DCGE relies heavily on partnerships with governmental, non-governmental and tertiary institutions across the state to run its many programs. Presently, we work closely with the DE Department of Education, the Social Studies Coalition of Delaware, Delaware Teachers of Science, Delaware Sea Grant, DelawareView, The Delaware GeoEducation Committee, the Delaware Geographic Data Committee, Delaware Technical Community College, and Wilmington University.

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