iTV Room Request

Our Interactive Television (ITV) system enables participants at both ends to see and hear each other in real time. By bridging the distance between our campuses in Newark and Lewes, ITV allows students to maximize their educational experience by being able to attend class and participate in symposiums on both campuses without commuting. Classrooms are equipped with Smartboards and computer screen share features to make the virtual classroom experience even more dynamic.

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Cannon 104
Cannon 120A
Cannon 122
Cannon 124
Cannon 126
Cannon 202 ITV
Cannon 203 ITV
Cannon 204E
Cannon 234 Library Gallery
Cannon 234B
Cannon 234C
Cannon 234D
Cannon Comp Site ITV
MOB 118
PEL Conf Rm 103
PEL Teaching Lab 122
Smith 105 VizLab
Smith 109 ITV
Smith 135L
Smith 135R
Lewes Outdoor Tent
Lewes Conf Phones
Lewes Laptops
Lewes Projectors
Pearson 203 ITV
Pearson 218
Penny 005
Mather Conf. Rm.
Geography Equipment
Robinson 105
Robinson 202 ITV
Robinson 203
Robinson 206 ITV
Robinson Fac. Swing Office
Robinson Conf. Phones
Robinson Laptops
Robinson Projectors