Week Ten: April 9-15

Fiona Tumulty

Well, reality is back with a vengeance now that spring break is over. After saying goodbye to my mom at the airport in Amsterdam, I stepped off the plane in Athens to a thunderstorm; the type of ironic symbolism I thought only happened in movies. Amsterdam was cold and rainy but by far my favorite spring break destination. One of the highlights was Anne Frank house, which has been on my bucket list for a long time. We waited on line in the wind, rain, and hail for nearly 3 hours to get in, but it was definitely worth it! Plus, I met a couple of American students studying abroad in Copenhagen! They were both juniors from Long Island and studying at Brown, and it was great to make some friends to make the long wait more bearable.

While it was definitely nice to have an extra day at home before going back to school, the edTPA deadline is fast approaching so I had a lot of work to do when I returned. I’m finding myself caught in this weird mix of emotions now, equally wanting to stay in Athens forever and at the same time finally get back home. It’s crazy to think that we have only 3 more weeks here! Lauren also pointed out to me that this coming weekend is our last weekend in Athens, since we’ll be going to Barcelona next weekend and then we’ll be flying home. That was definitely a wake-up call, so regardless of how my assignments are going I plan to make the most of this weekend!

Lauren Montagna

Can we pretend that student teaching is not a real thing anymore and go back to spring break??  Much appreciated.  The students have been so hyper the past few days!!  Luckily, my teacher and I agreed that it would be best for me all of us, that my full day this week will be Thursday.  Thank you to all of the Greek gods and goddesses.

Even though the students (and teachers alike) have been kind of crazy, I did miss them over the break.  I was eager to hear about all of their adventures and hear about their experiences.  Moments like those will really make it hard when I have to leave in almost two weeks (seriously, what?).  With the placement winding down and it being my last weekend in Athens (v excite about Barcelona though), I am struggling with post-Greece depression.  The only thing that is getting me through is graduating (36 days and counting, but ok).

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