Week Nine: April 9-15

Fiona Tumulty

So I’m just gonna go ahead and say it: this is the best spring break ever. I spent the weekend in Athens and Delphi seeing all of the sights and doing a lot of shopping with my mom, and now we’re in Santorini. Even though it’s been cloudy and a little chilly, it is such a beautiful island!! It’s a lot more touristy than Athens I guess, so English is a lot more common; which is convenient but also a strange transition after practicing my Greek for 2 months. Lots of restaurants sit on the edge of the cliff and overlook the caldera, giving us a perfect view of the sunset in the evening. One of the nights we’re here we’re going to the village of Oia, which holds a reputation for the best sunset views and is also supposed to be the most beautiful village on the island. Word of advice: if you come to Santorini, either come with no money for shopping or enough money to buy out every jewelry store because there are so many of them and everything is beautiful! (Now that I think about it, the same probably applies for Athens as well considering how much jewelry my mom has bought so far)

I would say that I’m never leaving here, but that would mean I don’t get to head to my next destination, Amsterdam! This city has always been on my bucket list and I am sooo excited to finally visit. I’ll be heading there Friday morning and coming back to Athens on Monday, so get ready for a ton more pictures and an update when I return!


Lauren Montagna

Spring break has been so fun!! I traveled to Rome to see my parents and hang around the city!  So far we have seen the Vatican, Sistine Chapel (good work, Michelangelo, good work), and Colosseum!  Of course, I have been living off of carbohydrates for the past few days, but when in Rome!

Next, we are heading to Santorini.  What we have seen so far has been absolutely stunning.  The blue roofs and windows are so breathtaking when compared to the all-white town.  Plus, I have been petting as many dogs as humanly possible (I might be missing my dog a bit too much).  Next on our list of spots, we are going to go to Athens!  I am very excited to show the parental units around my city!  Let’s just say I am going to be very sad once the 19th rolls around and we have to go back to the real world.


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