Week Eleven: April 16-22

Fiona Tumulty

So… could someone just stop time for a little while? That’d be great, thanks. Everything is moving so quickly now that we’re approaching the end of our time here in Athens, and I don’t know how to feel about all of it! Since Lauren and I are heading to Barcelona for the long weekend this weekend, this past weekend was technically our last weekend in Greece. We spent it shopping in Syntagma and Plaka, and made the trek up the Plaka steps for a rooftop lunch with an Acropolis view. It was a perfect weekend, and it made me realize even more just how much I’m going to miss it here!

Today was a hectic but very fun day, as our JK class took a field trip to the Attica Zoo! We didn’t get to see everything (the kids were disappointed about not seeing the elephants or dolphins), but our guide showed us the leopards and cheetahs, zebras, giraffes, ostriches, reptiles, and lemurs! The kids even got to feed the giraffes and the lemurs, which was an incredible experience. Some of them were a little nervous at first, but eventually I think everyone decided to try giving a carrot to a giraffe. It was so funny to see their reactions when the giraffe stuck out his purple tongue to take the carrot from them! They also got to pet a snake and an iguana, which amazed them. One of my students loves animals so much, and was so fearless going up to all of the animals our guide brought for them to touch. Overall, I think it was an extremely valuable experience for all of the children, and I had a lot of fun too!


Lauren Montagna

Wooooo!  Parent teacher conferences woooo!  The super crazy schedule has made it hard to finish edTPA and have some time to breathe.  Don’t worry Mom and Dad, it’s done and I’m still going to graduate.  But parent-teacher conferences have been very cool to be a part of!  There are a few that I simply observe and there are a few that I will be taking a more active role in.  Sometimes this happens in the moment or sometimes that my teacher and I plan it ahead of time.  I have met all of the families previously in their science investigations, but this has been really neat to see the students from the other side.  

This weekend we are going to Barcelona!  I am so excited!!  Though I will miss Athens in my final days here, I am very eager to get away and see some new things (@ Picasso Museum).  Stay tuned for the impending emotional rollercoaster that is the last week of student teaching (ever, hopefully) and saying goodbye to Greece.  Cannot be missed!!

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