Week 6: Mar. 20-26

Fiona Tumulty

While edTPA has slowly been draining the life out of me, my weekend was made 1000x better by seeing Beauty and the Beast, because I am not-so-secretly obsessed with Disney. I even got to practice my Greek because the movie had Greek subtitles!

Today I had my midterm evaluation conference with my cooperating teacher and my supervisor. Actually, I had 2 conferences back to back, since I have 2 co-teachers. The good news is, both went perfectly fine and we’re officially halfway done with student teaching at ACS Athens! The bad news is, we’re officially halfway done with student teaching at ACS Athens.

As of last Friday I started implementing my family event, which is weekly updates on our JK class website. I shared a summary of all the skills and activities we worked on that week as well as some pictures of the kids in action. Hopefully the families continue to check the website and enjoy seeing my contributions!

Spring is officially in the air, and now that it’s getting warmer I can’t wait to visit some of the Greek islands! I’ll be going to Santorini in just 3 weeks during spring break, but first comes lead weeks. Once I make it through my two full days this week and my two lead weeks after that, it’s smooth sailing!

Lauren Montagna

What a cool weekend!  It was relaxing but also interesting as we took on the movie theater for the first time.  I enjoyed the Greek subtitles and the fact that there were so many stories to the movie theater.  Although the popcorn sizes were nothing like the United States, it was an awesome experience!

This week has been pretty crazy as the students went on a field trip on Tuesday and I had a sub on Wednesday.  The field trip was to Planet Physics, a science museum.  The students were exposed to multiple topics of science, from magnetism to radio waves to earth science.  The museum also had a bunch of interactive exhibits that the students could participate in.  For example, they created their own tsunami by pushing underwater tectonic plates together.  Overall a really cool experience!

This week is also crazy for me as I am implementing two full days, right before week one of the end lead weeks.  Wooooo.  I am a little stressed out about them in addition to edTPA, but once these two weeks are done, we will be smooth sailing.  That time cannot come sooner.

The weather here is lovely as usual.  This past week, we have been consistently been hitting highs of about 70℉, so I cannot complain.  Hopefully, this really nice weather lasts and does not get outrageously hot!

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