CEEP Publications by Year: 1991 | 1992 | 1993


“Valuing Photovoltaic Technology as a Utility Demand-Side Management Application: Regulatory Issues.” 1993. J. Byrne, Y-D. Wang, R. Nigro and C. Hadjilambrinos. Proceedings of the NARUC-DOE Conference on Renewable Energy: 258-269.

“Sustainable Development: Some Interpretations, Implications and Uses” 1993. Subodh Wagle. Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society, Vol. 13, No. 6: 314-323.


Energy and Environment: The Policy Challenge. 1992. John Byrne and Daniel Rich (eds.). Volume 6 of the Energy and Environmental Policy Series. New Brunswick, NJ and London: Transaction Publishers.

“Environmental Commodification and the Industrialization of Native American Lands.” 1992. John Byrne, Steven M. Hoffman and Cecilia R. Martinez. Proceedings of the Seventh Annual Meeting of the National Association of Science, Technology and Society. Pp. 170-181.

“Environmental Ethics and Environmental Activism.” 1992. Paul T. Durbin. In Frederick Ferr? ed., Technology and the Environment. Vol. 12 in Research in Philosophy and Technology series. JAI Press Inc. Pp. 107-117.

“Toward a Political Economy of Climate Change” 1992. John Byrne and Dan Rich. In Byrne, John and Dan Rich, eds., Energy and Environment: The Policy Challenge. New Brunswick, NJ and London: Transaction Books. Pp. 269-302.


Toward Sustainable Energy, Environment and Development: Institutional Strategies for Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia and Thailand. 1991. John Byrne, Young-Doo Wang et al. Prepared for ESMAP/World Bank. A joint report of the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy, University of Delaware; the Korea Energy Economics Institute; and the Environmental Planning Institute, Seoul National University.

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