Program Details

Co-op Program Motivation and Objectives

  • Addresses the long-time interest of several of our constituents including students, parents, and employers;
  • Is directly tied to the department’s mission to ensure the “education of our students to their fullest potential;”
  • Provides an educational opportunity and productive work experience that integrates a student’s academic and career interests;
  • Enables students to gain knowledge and skills, which will enhance future coursework and better prepare them for a successful careers in the engineering profession;
  • Offers students the opportunity to clarify their academic focus and test their career interests and goals, while still completing their degree in four years.
  • And, enables the department to more closely partner with employers and enables employers to identify potential future employees.

Co-op Schedules

The Co-op program is designed to allow students to work for half a year (26 weeks).  Two standard options to achieve this exist, one calling for the student to work 26 consecutive weeks, and one calling for the student to work for 26 weeks in three segments which have a two semester breaks within that time period.  Both options are set up to allow the student to complete their degree in four years.  Other options that encompass 26 weeks (like two summers) and that are agreeable with both the employer and the student are also acceptable.

Summer/Fall Co-op Option

Civil engineering students who select this option should plan to live locally and should have the ability to Co-op for 26 consecutive weeks (1/2 year) from the summer between their junior and senior year through the fall of their senior year (June through December).  This will mean working during their senior year fall semester.

Students who choose this option will need to take CIEG 461 Senior Design during the fall semester.  This class is offered one evening a week.  Students will also need to work with their academic advisor to plan how to coordinate their schedule to graduate in the normal four years.  For most students, this should be possible without taking any additional classes during the fall semester of their senior year, but may require that some classes be taken during winter session or online.  For some students, taking advantage of the Co-op program may require taking classes in the fall following their typical senior year.

Winter/Summer/Winter Session Co-op Option

Civil and Environmental engineering students who select this option are expected to work for 26 weeks (1/2 year) by combining three internship periods; the winter session of their junior year (6 weeks during January through early February), the summer between their junior and senior year (14 weeks during late May through August) and the winter session of their Senior year (6 weeks during January through early February).

This option has no impact on student progress other than eliminating the two winter sessions and one summer session as potential times to take classes.