2020 Seminar Series

Upcoming Seminars

March 27, 2020

Sankar Nair

Georgia Institute of Technology
10:00 AM in 366 Colburn Lab

Abstract: “Developing a Separations Strategy for Biomass-Derived Chemicals: Advanced Materials and Processes”

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Past Seminars


February 19, 2020
David Flaherty, University of Illinois at Urbana-Chamapign
Abstract: “Why Does the Catalyst Need to Be Wet? Active Sites, Activities, and Non-Innocent Solvents”

Past Seminars


October 29, 2019
Jeffrey Greeley, Purdue University
Abstract: “First Principles Treatments of Heterogeneous Electrocatalysis– Reactivity Trends and Electrocatalyst Structure”

October 09, 2019
Hyunjoo Lee, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Daejeon, South Korea
Abstract: “Design and Applications of Supported Metal Nanoparticle Catalysts”

October 03, 2019
Thomas Fuller, Georgia Institute of Technology
Abstract: “Durability of Electrochemical Systems”

September 03, 2019
Brian A. Rosen, University of Nortre DameTel-Aviv University
Abstract: “Multi-dimensional Defect Engineering in Energy Conversion Catalysts”

Apr. 18, 2019
William F. Schneider, University of Nortre Dame
Abstract: “Modeling and Exploiting Non-idealities in Nitrogen Catalysis”

Dec. 13, 2018
Bert Sels, KU Leuven
Abstract: “The Role of Heterogeneous Catalysis in Biomass Conversion”

May 18, 2018
Lars Grabow, University of Houston
Abstract: “Design of Diesel Oxidation Catalysts with Improved Activity at Reduced Temperature Using Computational Methods”

Apr. 18, 2018
Ezra Clark, University of California at Berkeley
Abstract: “Enhancing the Selectivity of Electrochemical CO2 Reduction to Multi-Carbon Oxygenates”

Feb. 13, 2018
Kristen Severson, Ph.D. Candidate, Massachusettes Institute of Technology
Abstract: “Data-driven modeling in complex systems”

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