CCST Named Seminar Speaker

Nenad Markovic
Argonne National Laboratory

George C. A. Schuit Lecture

November 17, 2017
10:00 AM in 102 Colburn Lab

“The Renaissance of Electrochemistry”

Nenad Markovic is a Distinguished Fellow, Group Leader, and Chief Scientist for the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research at Argonne National Laboratory. Previously he was a Staff Scientist and Principal Investigator at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory from 1991-2005. He received his B.Sc., MsD and Ph.D. degrees all from the University of Belgrade, and served as Group Leader at the Institute of Electrochemistry, University of Belgrade. He is one of the pioneers of the development of electrocatalyst materials for fuel cells and electrolyzers. More recently he has advanced a surface science-based approach to advance lithium ion battery technologies.

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