Professor Jiao’s Group Discovers New Metal Phosphate for Battery Applications

OC_IC_DIGITAL.inddTransition-metal phosphate framework materials are very important due to their potential as oxygen evolution catalysts in solar fuel production devices, or as novel high energy, high power cathode materials for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. In a recent report highlighted as the cover of Chemical Communications, the Jiao group reported a general approach to synthesize a wide range of transition metal phosphate frameworks in deep-eutectic solvents through tuning key reaction parameters including temperature, time, and water addition. Four new metal phosphate frameworks, DEL-1, DEL-2, DEL-3 and MnPO4-DFT were synthesized for the first time. The capability to apply this method to many more metal phosphate frameworks offers new opportunities in catalysis, energy conversion, and energy storage.


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