Christopher Roberts

Chris RobertsDirector, Center for Biomanufacturing Science & Technology (CBST)
Associate Chair, Undergraduate Program, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Professor, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Office: 223 Colburn Laboratory
Phone: (302) 831-0828
Email: cjr@udel.edu

Research Interests:

Protein biophysics and biotechnology; biopharmaceutical stability; statistical mechanics and thermodynamics; molecular modeling.

Maciek Antoniewicz

Centennial Professor of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Office: 211 Colburn Laboratory
Phone: (302) 831-8960
Email: mranton@udel.edu
Visit the Antoniewicz Research Group Website

Research Interests:

The Antoniewicz lab for Metabolic Engineering and Systems Biology develops next generation tools and techniques for analyzing, engineering and manipulating microbial and mammalian systems applied to specific problems in biotechnology (e.g. biofuels, biopharmaceuticals) and medicine (e.g. diabetes, obesity, cancer). In our research we make use of modern techniques in metabolic engineering, biochemical engineering, cell culture, metabolic flux analysis, stable-isotope labeling, tandem mass spectrometry, bioinformatics and computational biology

Wilfred Chen

Gore Professor of Chemical Engineering

Office: 224 Colburn Laboratory
Phone: (302) 831-6327
Email: wilfred@udel.edu
Visit the Chen Research Group Website

Research Interests:

Cellular and metabolic engineering, synthetic biology for biofuel production, protein therapeutics, viral detection, drug discovery, protein purification.

Emily Day

Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering

Office: 5 Innovation Way, Suite 200, Room 148
Phone: (302) 831-8481
Email: emilyday@udel.edu
Visit the Day Group Website

Research Interests:

Nanomedicine; Optical molecular imaging; Translational cancer research

Prasad Dhurjati

Professor, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Joint Professor, Mathematical Sciences

Office: 267 Colburn Laboratory
Email: dhurjati@udel.edu

Research Interests:

Systems Medicine and Systems Biology, Autism, BioProcess Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, On-Line Process Fault Diagnosis, Modeling and Simulation of Engineering, Biological and Medical Systems.

Joseph Fox

Professor, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Office: 212 Lammot DuPont Laboratory
Phone: (302) 831-0191
Email: jmfox@udel.edu
Visit the Fox Group Website

Research Interests:

Research in the Fox group centers on the development of new types of chemical reactions, the application of these new reactions to the synthesis of natural occurring and designed molecules with biological function, and in the use of design concepts in organic synthesis for applications in materials science. The nature of the research program is highly multidisciplinary, and involves active collaborations with groups in peptide chemistry, bioorganic chemistry, surface science, computational chemistry, materials science, and radioimaging.

Eric Furst

Department Chair, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Office: 250G ISE Lab
Phone: (302) 831-2656
Email: furst@udel.edu
Visit the Furst Group Website
Visit the CMET Website

Research Interests:

Colloid and polymer physics, microrheology, active and non-linear microrheology, controlled delivery of therapeutics, cell biophysics, complex fluid structure and rheology, particulate gels, directed self-assembly.

Kristi Kiick

Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
Deputy Dean of Engineering

Office: 212 DuPont Hall
Phone: (302) 831-0201
Email: kiick@udel.edu
Visit the Kiick Research Group Website

Research Interests:

Synthesis, characterization, and application of biologically inspired and biologically produced materials, designed conjugates for targeted therapies, polymeric nanostructures, drug delivery, hydrogel matrices in regenerative medicine, elastomeric materials for regenerative medicine, and redox-sensitive hydrogels.

April Kloxin


Assistant Professor, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Joint Professor, Materials Science & Engineering

Office: 207 Colburn Laboratory
Phone: (302) 831-3009
Email: akloxin@udel.edu
Visit the A. Kloxin Research Group Website

Research Interests:

Biomaterials, stimuli-responsive materials, three-dimensional cell culture, tissue engineering, and drug delivery.

Christopher Kloxin

Joint Professor, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Assistant Professor, Materials Science & Engineering

Office: 226 Colburn Laboratory
Phone: (302) 831-8670
Email: cjk@udel.edu
Visit the C. Kloxin Group Website

Research Interests:

Monomer and polymer synthesis, covalent adaptable networks, self-healing materials, stimuli-responsive polymers, and polymer photochemistry.

Kelvin Lee

Kelvin Lee_v2Gore Professor of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Director, Delaware Biotechnology Institute (DBI)

Office: 281 DBI
Phone: (302) 831-8953
Email: khl@udel.edu
Visit the Lee Group Website

Research Interests:

Biomolecular, biomedical, and metabolic engineering; proteomics and systems biology; biological mass spectrometry; protein secretion and synthesis; diagnosis and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.

Abraham Lenhoff

Allan P. Colburn Professor of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Office: 237A Colburn Laboratory
Phone: (302) 831-8989
Email: lenhoff@udel.edu
Visit the Lenhoff Group Website

Research Interests:

Transport phenomena, separation processes, biophysics and bioengineering.

Babatunde Ogunnaike

Dean, College of Engineering
William L. Friend Chair of Chemical Engineering
Professor, Center for Systems Biology (DBI)

Office: 269 Colburn Laboratory
Phone: (302) 831-4504
Email: ogunnaike@udel.edu
Visit the Ogunnaike Group Website

Research Interests:

Process control, modeling and simulation; systems biology; and applied statistics.

Eleftherios Papoutsakis

Unidel Eugene DuPont Chair, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Delaware Biotechnology Institute (DBI) Faculty Fellow

Office: 284 DBI
Phone: (302) 831-8376
Email: epaps@udel.edu
Visit the Papoutsakis Group Website

Research Interests:

Synthetic biology and metabolic engineering of microbial systems for biofuels and chemicals production; bioengineering of stem cells and hematopoiesis; experimental genomics and computational biology.

Tatyana Polenova

Professor, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Office: 036 Brown Laboratory
Phone: (302) 831-1968
Email: tpolenov@udel.edu
Visit the Polenova Group Website

Research Interests:

The research in our laboratory is interdisciplinary and focuses on development and application of novel magic angle spinning NMR techniques to understand structure, dynamics and function of complex macromolecular assemblies, biological tissues and inorganic materials. Of particular interest to us are systems where magic angle spinning NMR provides unique (and often the only) insight into structure and dynamics: i) physiologically important microtubule-associated protein assemblies whose malfunction is implicated in multiple diseases; ii) HIV-1 viral protein assemblies that comprise the mature infectious and immature noninfectious virions; ii) intervertebral disc tissues whose aging and damage cause the prevalent degenerative disc disease; iii) biotechnologically important vanadium haloperoxidases; and iv) technologically relevant oxoanionic solids. Understanding structure, dynamics and function of these complex systems is critical for design of novel therapeutic strategies and diagnostic methods. To gain rigorous insight into these questions, we couple magnetic resonance-based methods with computational quantum-mechanical and biophysical approaches. We combine fundamental investigations in structural biology and biophysics with applied biomedical research seeking to develop novel magnetic-resonance-based diagnostic methods. You can find additional details about these and other ongoing projects in the laboratory under the “Research” section.

Sharon Rozovsky

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Office: 136 Brown Laboratory
Phone: (302) 831-7028
Email: rozovsky@udel.edu
Visit the Rozovsky Group Website

Research Interests:

The Rozovsky group focuses on achieving a mechanistic understanding of the membrane-embedded enzymes involved in oxidative stress. One central research focus in our group is the contribution of the membrane properties to the high specificity and rate enhancement of membrane enzymes. A second theme is the biological role of selenium in proteins that utilize the rare amino acid selenocysteine. Selenoproteins signal the level of cellular oxidative stress and play a central role in regulating redox pathways. We seek to understand the key differences that set selenoproteins apart from their cysteine-containing homologues.

Millicent Sullivan

Centennial Junior Professor of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Office: 213 Colburn Laboratory
Phone: (302) 831-8072
Email: msulliva@udel.edu
Visit the Sullivan Group Website

Research Interests:

Drug delivery, gene delivery, biomaterials and stimuli-responsive materials, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

Norman Wagner

Unidel Robert L. Pigford Chair in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Joint Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy
Affiliated Professor, BIOMS Program

Office: 227 Colburn Laboratory
Phone: (302) 831-8079
Email: wagnernj@udel.edu
Visit the Wagner Group Website

Research Interests:

Rheology of colloidal dispersion, nanoparticles, surfactant, biopolymer and polymer solution, and structured polymers and polymer blends; nonequilibrium statistical mechanics and thermodynamics of complex fluids.

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