/ CBI Symposium May 2020

CBI Symposium May 2020

From May 12, 2020 to May 13, 2020


Tuesday, May 12th

9:10am Keynote Speaker: Dr. Carmen Drahl – “Science Communication: It’s what I do, but so must you

10:00 Student Talks
10:00am Katie Nelson (UDel): “An in vitro placenta model with tunable ECM to study transplacental drug transport”
10:20am Taylor Barrett (UPenn): “Studies of Thioamide Positional Effects on Serine Protease Activity EnableTwo-Site Stabilization of Cancer Imaging Peptides”
10:50am Jodi Kraus (UDel): “Solid-state NMR structure of human cofilin-2 bound to F-actin reveals isoform specific conformation and unique binding mode”
11:10am Melanie Johnston (JHU):  “The role of residue R99 in DXP Synthase conformational dynamics”

11:30 am Career Panel Q&A
Dr. Simone Sidoli, Asst. Prof, Albert Einstein College of Med.
Dr. Anumita Saha-Shah, Sr. Scientist, Merck
Dr. Janet Reed, Partner at Potter Anderson & Corroon LLP
Dr. Michelle Bond, Program Director, NIGMS

12:10 pm Student Poster Session

Wednesday, May 13th

9:00 am COVID-19 Panel
Dr. Susan Weiss (UPenn): “Coronavirus Replication and Immune Evasion”
Dr. Carolyn Machamer (JHU): “SARS CoV-2 Basic Virology” & “Intracellular protein trafficking and coronavirus assembly in the Golgi complex”
Dr. Carlos Simmerling (SBU): “Modeling the ‘spike’ on the surface of the COVID-19 virus”

10:00 Student Talks
10:00am Erica Sinner (JHU):  “Sequential methylations by radical SAM enzymes generate structural diversity in carbapenem antibiotics”
10:20am Forres t Bowling (SBU):  “Crystal structure of human PLD1 provides insight into activation by PI(4,5)P2 and RhoA”

10:40 Break

10:50 Student Talks
10:50am Rachael Knoblauch (UMBC): “Tuning Light-Activated Antimicrobial Character from a Carbon Nanodot Architecture”
11:10am Juan Serrano (UPenn):  “Targeting APOBEC3A’s genomic mutagenic activity with functionalized DNA dumbbells”

11:30 Break

11:40 Student Talks
11:40am Zachary Stillman (UDel):  “Evaluating UiO-66 Metal-Organic Framework (MOF) Nanoparticles as Carriers for Pulmonary Drug Delivery”
12:00pm Danielle Cervasio (SBU): “Chemical approaches towards regulated gene therapy in astrocytes”

12:10 p.m. Student Poster Session

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