About UD

The University of Delaware has a great tradition of excellence, from our roots extending back to a small private academy started in 1743, to the research-intensive, technologically advanced institution of today. Read more about UD here.


The new Science Technology and Advanced Research (STAR) campus at the University of Delaware houses the Delaware Health Science Alliance, Delaware Rehabilitation Institute offices, the entire Department of Physical Therapy, and all research laboratories and offices current involved with human rehabilitation studies. The excellent infrastructure clearly demonstrates the University’s strong commitment to the growth of biomedical related research. This rich academic environment for OA research is ideal for the interdisciplinary and quantitative training of prospective students in biomedical science and engineering.

Star Campus

UD has a Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) program focused on osteoarthritis research funded by the National Institutes of Health since 2001, with contributions from researchers in the colleges of Engineering, Health Sciences, and Arts and Sciences. In Phase 3 of this multi-million dollar grant, the research infrastructure is continually being enhanced by the development of core resources in cytomechanics, patient-specific modeling and clinical research.


REU participants will have access to shared equipment and facilities within the faculty labs, and extra tools are available through the UD core facilities (e.g. CBER, DBI, and DRI) and our collaborative partnerships. These include cell culture facilities, mechanical testing systems, biochemical assay tools, imaging tools (e.g. confocal microscopy, MRI, CT) plus image processing software and hardware, motion analysis camera systems, force platforms, finite element software, electromyography (EMG) equipment, and all sorts of customized apparatus for experimentation with animals and human subjects.


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