Minutes from all BiSA officer meetings will be posted here. Go to the Calendar page to view all upcoming officer meetings and feel free to attend if you have any suggestions for how the organization can be improved.

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Officer Meeting – October 1, 2018

Date: October 1 2018

Time: 2:30pm – 3:30pm

Location: DBI 102

Participants: Kelly,Wenbo, Juniper

Minutes by Wenbo


1.Summer 2018 INBIRE application form

Discuss and revise the content about the funding application

2.Biology department graduate alumni invitation

Invite the department of Biology graduate alumni coming and sharing their work experience to our program student

3.Individual networking event

Invite 5 graduate speakers coming to share their work experience or other job opportunities information to students

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Officer Meeting with Dr. Hoober – September 10, 2018

Date: September 10th, 2018

Time: 2:30pm – 3:30pm

Location: DBI 102

Participants: Kelly, Priscilla, Wenbo, Dr. Hoober

Minutes by Wenbo


1.How we can connect and obtain the information of our program alumnis

    -by connect their UD email(someone could not use it anymore)

    -by their other connection ways

    -maybe send a question sheet to them for their present information

2.Discuss about the design of BiSA alumni page

    -design each post for each alumni and brief introduction including self-image, name, graduate time, current workplace, and possible mailing address or funding

3.Alumni honor presentation or workshop

    -invite them coming back to give students a presentation about their research or share some experience and funding opportunities

4.May broad our student association

    – welcome other relative program students coming and build links with our University’s other relative student association

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Officer Meeting – September 4, 2018

Date: August 4, 2018

Time: 3 – 6:30pm

Participants: Kelly and Priscilla

Location: DBI 102

Minutes by: Kelly Mulholland


Priscilla will be the point of contact for all future invited seminar speakers.

Kelly or another officer must always be copied to all BiSA-related emails.

Priscilla is ordering mugs

Mugs will be distributed to students if they attend 3 academic events and 1 social event during the year. We will be keeping track of student attendance at our events.

Attendance of each officer will be documented for each officer meeting. Only excused absences will be acceptable.

We need to stay updated on the awards that are being given to the students in our program. Kelly created a Google form to be sent to students asking them to provide this information.

Latex workshop will happen this semester with the Math student association. We need to provide an estimation of students and discuss with Tracy Walsh about a date. December 2018-January 2020 will be very busy at DBI (according to Alok).

We need to authorize alcohol purchases for our invited seminar speakers. Priscilla will be working on this.

Wenbo will be in charge of the new Alumni Spotlight page.

Priscilla will be going to get supplies for BiSA coffee hour this week.

Priscilla and Kelly met with Alok Patel to discuss BiSA’s role in the STEM-grads group at UD.



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Officer Meeting – August 28, 2018

Date: August 28, 2018

Location: DBI 102

Participants: Kelly, Priscilla, Wenbo, Juniper

Minutes by Wenbo

Discuss the happy hour with the first seminar speakers on September 10th

-maybe, have the happy hour on the Green and provide appetizers?

New September events

1.Ice cream day at 5pm on September 19th, location: UDiary creamery on South campus

2.Data Carpenter

-Message professors who can come

-Need a room for workshop and a zoom link which was provided for online audiences

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Officer Meeting – August 23, 2018

Date: August 23, 2018

Location : Clayton Hall

Participants: Kelly, Priscilla, Wenbo

Minutes by: Kelly Mulholland

The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the upcoming events.

– We discussed the results of the resource fair that Kelly and Priscilla attended.

– We discussed the Bioinformatics new graduate student orientation. Wenbo will be taking photos for the website.

– About 14 people RSVPd to the BiSA happy hour scheduled for August 27.

– Pool party is canceled due to limited students available during labor day weekend.

– Kelly will add the students interested in BiSA from the resource fair to the Google Group.

– Our next meeting will be August 28 at 3pm.


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