Minutes from all BiSA officer meetings will be posted here. Go to the Calendar page to view all upcoming officer meetings and feel free to attend if you have any suggestions for how the organization can be improved.

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Officer Meeting – August 16, 2021

Meeting date: 8/16/2021

Attendee: Mike, Anthony, Shweta, Yasmin, Jasmine



1) Reservation of spot in AP BIO pharma for orientation program:

2) Udairy order: Anthony will take the lead.

3) BiSA face mask: $5 per mask. Need to think whether to make it or not.

4) BiSA logo competition:

  • Rules: should be computer generated
  • Deadline: September 24

5) Sign-up sheet for student to get information about meeting, program.

6) Yasmin provides full list of swags and pamphlet to use in resource fair.

7) Mike: will get all stuff from Andrea on Friday and work with Yasmin for packing up.

8) Jasmine: set up information for BISA logo competition and website.

Next meeting Monday: 3pm.

Meeting at 2:15 pm on Aug 24 for the resource fair.

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Officer Meeting – August 13, 2021

Meeting :8/13/2021

Attendee: Kareen Hoober, Andrea, Yasmin, Anthony, Shweta


Orientation program:

  • food: UD catering required: approx. student:25
  • contact APBio Room reservations: Tracy Walsh: outdoor and indoor
  • swag: meeting Andrea to see what we can distribute
  • things that can be distributed in public event: Vouchers, 1,2, items of swag


finance issue:

  • for data carpentry: raise fund from INBRE.
  • For other program: 2500$ allocated.
  • Charged to respective purpose code
  • Alcohol not included in BiSA expenditure
  • If personal credit card included contact Andrea for reimbursement.


Suggested programs:

  • Alumni spotlight
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