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Becoming a bioinformatics tutor is an excellent way to help fellow students in your program, to gain experience with teaching and to brush up on your course material! If you have passed one or more core courses in our program you are eligible. Visit for more information.





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Welcome 2018 Fall New BiSA members

2018 fall new BiSA members


Bioinformatics Certificate Student

Anthony lanozi          Anders Kiledal

Nicole Haas                Archana Singh

Lee Hsu                       Xiao Xu

Jialiu Liang

PSM Student

Matt Walt

MS Student

Hung-Che Chen

Kimberly Van Exel

PHD Student

Congyu Lu

Xinhan Qin

Michael Saint-Antoine

Menolin Sharma

New Officers for 2018-2019

Congratulations for the new BiSA officers for 2018-2019 the academic year!

President:  Kelly Mulholland

Vice President: Juniper Lake

Treasurer:  Priscilla Hempel

Secretary: Wenbo Zhao