Officer meeting – April 29th, 2019

Date: April 29th, 2019

Location : DBI first floor

Participants: Kelly, Juniper, Priscilla,  Wenbo

Minutes by Wenbo

Advise Carpentry workshop to other colleges and universities

Juniper will advise it to GSG

Kelly will connect with their ad visor and advise it in their department

Connect with other universities in DE

Juniper Connect with SherAaron about workshop date cannot change, but we can provide instructor or student for help teaching.

Preparing order the food for workshop


Movie night activity today and buy tickets for it.





Officer Meeting – April 22nd, 2019

Date:April 22nd, 2018

Location : DBI first floor, room 201

Participants: Kelly, Priscilla, Wenbo

Minutes by Wenbo

Carpentry Workshop

Wenbo work for Carpentry workshop flyer update and selection: the sample 3 is choice.

Juniper  connect and  ask for Carpentry workshop web registration link

Dr. Hoober discuss together about workshop arrangements


Movie night on April 29th 2019. The tickets need to buy.


Officer Meeting – March 25, 2019

Date:March 25, 2019

Location : DBI first floor 201

Participants: Kelly, Juniper, Priscilla, Wenbo

Minutes by Wenbo

  1. Contact instructors in different department and advise the workshop.  .
  2. Limit the student number to join because the space is limit. The advisement better limit  in Deltech and Delstate and different school in De.
  3. Make the Registration sheet. Send it to BiSA members and UD people at first, then send it to other Del school. People  will pay registration fee 5$ for all days workshop.
  4. Contact the data carpentry people  making a registration sheet and pay system.
  5. Make a flyer to advise the workshop.
  6. April BiSA event, movie night in April 29th.

Officer meeting – February 25, 2019

Date: February 25, 2019

Location : DBI first floor

Participants: Kelly, Juniper, Priscilla, Wenbo

Minutes by Wenbo

The Workshop

1.The primary possible workshop date is  April 9th, 10th on Thursday and Friday.

2.The tutorial workshop content is R, Unix, GAT

3.Advertising the workshop to people(University of Penn, Delaware State University and so on)

4.Before this week, email  the Dr. Schmidt about everything about the workshop preparation ( The workshop date and title and content)


The happy hour event

after seminar,  have a movie night event or ice skating.


Officer Meeting – January 7, 2019

Date: January 7, 2019

Location : DBI first floor

Participants: Kelly, Juniper, Priscilla, Wenbo

Minutes by Wenbo

1.Discuss about detail about panel speakers  

– Preparing the drink and snack

– Advertising about the event

– find the people as a moderato

– come up some questions for speakers

2.Discuss spring semester seminar

– how to suggest more audiences to require more questions in the lecture