BiSA Happy Hour with Invited Speaker Matthew Ralston

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Join BiSA for happy hour!
Meet and chat with Matthew Ralston, who will be visiting us from Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Bioinformatic ‘big data’ is only getting bigger. Did you know that the Broad Institute has sequenced over 70 petabytes of data, more than Netflix’s entire 3.14 petabyte digital library? As the depth and complexity of biological data increases, so does the need for informaticians and communicators with modern skillsets and robust digital portfolios. However, there are more software technologies and modeling approaches to master than ever before. Developing expertise, differentiating, and generalizing in your technical skills are major career choices but industry rarely helps students understand the ROI of the various skills. By discussing both new trends and steadfast challenges in pharmaceutical informatics, I hope to give you insight into whether that next technology or programming language is worth learning.

Matt Ralston is a University of Delaware and CBCB alumni. From 2008 to 2012, he studied biochemistry and worked in the Helen Graham Center for Translational Cancer Research before coming to the CBCB. Studying under Dr. Terry Papoutsakis, he completed his master’s thesis in early 2015. Currently, he works in the Computer-Assisted Drug Design group of Bristol-Myers Squibb. While he’s not working, Matt plays guitar, meets his friends at the gym, and works with youth in his community, and develops open source bioinformatics algorithms.

* Car pools from DBI will be available!

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