Officer meeting – March 18, 2019

Date: March 18, 2019

Location : DBI

Participants: Kelly and Priscilla

Minutes by Kelly Mulholland


Happy Hour

◦ Happy hour was cancelled last week

◦ Priscilla has emailed Matt Ralston to schedule a happy hour on March 25 following seminar

◦ Kelly will make invites and send out

Software Carpentry Workshop

◦ Send invitations to Rowan, Del State, Del Tech and Temple students

◦ We will keep this event limited to grad students

◦ May charge $5 to cover additional costs

◦ Will start advertising after spring break

◦ Priscilla will look into catering

◦ Kelly emailed Andrea to book DBI. However, we may need to book a larger space if we have over 60 participants

2019-2020 BiSA Officer Elections

◦ Kelly will send nomination email out after spring break. Elections to be held mid-May

Social Event

◦ Bowling/Movies/etc. in April

◦ End of semester picnic in May

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