Officer Meeting – January 31, 2018

Minutes by Danielle

Location: DBI 201

Time: 3-4pm

Future Academic Events:

Coding Support Center (weekly)
write some guidelines on how it will work
recruit people to act as tutors
choose time and place
Prelim Prep (start with one event, maybe more later)
contact professors to get list of core competencies (Liao, Schmitt, etc)
assemble list of materials for students
choose time and place
Journal Club (monthly)
choose an article to read
have a theme each month to keep it relevant to people
maybe recruit different moderators each month that would attract people?
choose time and place (coffee shops?)
Co-working Times (weekly or every other week?)
have places to meet up and work together
provide snacks and coffee maybe?
Future Social Events:

Happy hour with board games (Feb. 2nd, 5pm @ Grain)
Ice skating
Rock climbing
Danielle would like to (1) make the BiSA Facebook page public but require admins to approve all posts and new members because then I can share our events with CBCB and attract new members easier and (2) change the cover photo, even to something generic until we can get a better one, because it’s truly terrible. Let me know if I can do these things ASAP and that will help us get the word out better for our happy hour on Monday!

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