We maintain a diversified research effort in the area of electromagnetic materials physics encompassing spintronics and spin orbitronics, high frequency soft magnetic materials, and nanostructured magnetic materials. Our objectives are to use physics to design and understand materials and heterostructures, and find potential applications based on these materials and heterostructures.  Our state of the art facilities afford many opportunities for material fabrication and characterization. To further enhance our capabilities, we continuously foster collaborations with research programs, both within the United States and abroad.  Our Research areas include:

  1. Spintronics and spin orbitronicsWe explore the spin degree of freedom of electrons in additional to, and sometimes in place of, the charge degree of freedom of electrons in magnetic materials and magnetic heterostructures.  We also investigate how to use spin orbit coupling to control spin dynamics and magnetization switching.
  2. High frequency soft magnetic materials/soft magnetic composites: We develop high frequency, high power, and low loss soft magnetic materials, soft magnetic composites, and nanostructured magnetic materials.
  3. Electromagnetic Properties of Nanostructured Magnetic Materials We design nanostructured magnetic materials to offer novel electromagnetic properties such as tunable ferromagnetic resonance, match magnetic permeability and permittivity, etc.
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