Helene Intraub
Professor, University of Delaware
Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences
Ph.D., Brandeis University
Post-doc, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Accepting graduate students

Curriculum Vitae

Irem Yildirim
Graduate Student

My research focus on how visual perception and memory deals with multiple objects. One of the efficient ways is extracting a summary information from all the objects (e.g. mean size, centroid, mean identity). I study the attentional modulation during the rapid formation of statistical summary representations. Another efficiency is evident in visual memory as remembering anticipated space beyond the view, referred as boundary extension. I investigate the effects of spatial organization and grouping on boundary memory for displays with multiple objects.

Cooper McAllister
Undergraduate Researcher

Cooper is a Psychology major, working on his senior thesis. His research explores the effects of semantic relatedness of objects on spatial memory for 3-D scenes.

Mariela Jimenez
Undergraduate Researcher

Mariela is a Neuroscience major. She is contributing to ongoing research on the effects of pattern regularity and grouping on boundary extension.

Ruiming (Yolanda) Du
Undergraduate researcher

Ruiming is a Psychology Education major. She is contributing to ongoing research on spatial memory for scenes in peripersonal space.

Heather Marsh
Undergraduate Researcher

Heather is a Cognitive Science major. She is contributing to ongoing research on spatial cognition in preschool children. She is also interested determining if the medium of presentation (physical photos vs. photos on computer screens) affects learning.

Caitlin Serva
Undergraduate Researcher

Caity is a Neuroscience and Art double major. Her research explores the effects of object placement on boundary extension.

Lab Alumni

Christopher A. Dickinson, Ph.D.
Former Post-doc

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Appalachian State University

Steven Beighley, Ph.D.
Former Graduate Student

Scientist, Human Factors Team at Exponent

Kristin Gagnier, Ph.D.
Former Graduate Student

Outreach and Evaluation Specialist, Science of Learning Institute &
Assistant Research Scientist, Department of Cognitive Sciences, Johns Hopkins University

Carmela Gottesman, Ph.D.
Former Graduate Student

Associate Professor, Psychology Department, University of South Carolina, Salkehatchie

Jennifer Mangels, Ph.D.
Former Undergraduate Researcher; Senior Thesis, Degree with Distinction

Professor, Department of Psychology, Baruch College, CUNY

Recent Undergraduate Researcher Alumni

Arthur Currier
Former Undergraduate Researcher & McNair Scholar

Arthur began his graduate study in the Biological Sciences Masters Program at Univerity of Delaware and his work as a  Research Educational Visitor at Nemours/ A. I. duPont Hospital for Children, Department of Biomedical Research.

Gwendolyn Meredith
Former Undergraduate Researcher

Gwen began her graduate work at Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions, Masters program in Communication Sciences and Disorders.

Sarah Tornetta
Former Undergraduate Researcher

Sarah received the Halsey McPhee Award from the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences for her excellent academic record and research accomplishment. After graduating, she was admitted to Law School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Laura Bauer
Former Undergraduate Researcher; Senior Thesis

Laura began her graduate work at Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions, doctorate program in Occupational Therapy.


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