The Initiative

Healthy Communities Delaware is a consortium of public, nonprofit and private organizations committed to taking a collective approach to align efforts and invest in projects, programs and policies aimed at improving the health of people in low-wealth communities in the state.

Led by the State of Delaware, University of Delaware and the Delaware Community Foundation, and guided by a diverse Leadership Council, HCD is committed to effective and sustainable ways of investing in our local communities to reduce the health disparities that exist from one zip code or neighborhood to another.

The Model

Health Communities Delaware ModelThe Healthy Communities Delaware Model is designed to benefit all parties involved, both from an impact and investment standpoint—aligning goals, investing in community and impacting individuals.

This model is not formulated to dictate the way in which communities come together. Rather, this model encourages groups to work together on common goals so that they may be able to leverage multiple sources of funding. No requirements related organizational structures are in place. The model focuses on funding projects that make a difference on one or more of the social determinants and creating a more balanced portfolio of work and investment across the state.

The Backbone Organization

The Healthy Communities Delaware Backbone Organization is a partnership between the Delaware Community Foundation, the University of Delaware Partnership for Healthy Communities, and the State of Delaware’s Department of Health and Social Services. These organizations work together to provide support for all stakeholders, and are the glue that helps keep everything on track.

The Community Investment Council

The Community Investment Council is an ever-evolving group of financial, investment, and banking organizations. This council serves as a place where investors can meet with each other and with organizations seeking funding. By having a collective group of investors, they can work together to fund community programs.

The Leadership Council

The Leadership Council is made up of 30 individuals who represent each of Delaware’s counties, as well as representing all sectors of work. The Leadership Council synthesizes priorities identified by investors and community stakeholders in order to foster alignment between organizations.

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