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Welcomed weather provides ideal outdoor Extension classroom for green industry professionals

2012 Summer Turf and Nursery Expo well attended at UD’s Carvel Center in Georgetown

For farmers and landscapers in the Delmarva region, 2012 has been a difficult and frustrating year. A dry winter, and sustained heat and drought during spring and summer – critical growth periods – have left challenging conditions for anyone working in the agriculture or horticulture industries.  Throughout Delaware, crops, ornamental trees, shrubs and lawns have shown signs of stress, leaving them vulnerable to pests, weather-induced damage, or stress-related death.

At the 344-acre Carvel Research and Education Center, the Sussex County agricultural research farm for University of Delaware College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, some of these conditions were purposely left in place to serve as specific teaching tools – an ideal educational backdrop for the 2012 Summer Nursery and Turf Expo organized by the Delaware Nursery and Landscape Association (DNLA) and Delaware Cooperative Extension. The Expo is a day-long program that provided  a variety of informative workshop sessions for horticulture industry professionals.

A picture perfect day welcomed more than 140 exhibitors, presenters, DNLA and Extension experts and industry professionals who appreciated seeing real-time examples in actual field and landscape settings.

“This is a great refresher course on common insects and problems we all have,” says Aaron Jackson, nursery supervisor at Tunnell Companies. “We get to see it in person and have professionals tell us what we are looking at.”

Local landscapers agreed. “The University of Delaware provides a lot of resource materials, but it is good to see working or field information” said Sue Manlove, who with her husband Larry, own and operate Manlove Lawn and Landscape Company in Seaford. “It adds a whole different dimension seeing it in person,” offered Larry Manlove.

Chip Hudiburg, of Sussex Tree, Inc. safely hangs from a large tree scheduled for removal and timed for the Expo.

A variety of sessions were available to landscapers, horticulturists, and related industry professionals.  A crew from EP Henry provided a demonstration on using pavers in the landscape and for raised beds. A take down of an overgrown Chinese Paulownia tree provided an opportunity for Sussex Tree, Inc., to explain when tree removal should be handed over to an experienced pro. Techniques in chain saw operation and best safety practices were emphasized.

Outdoor classroom venues included the Sussex County Master Gardener’s Demonstration Garden, a new Integrated Pest Management (IPM) educational ornamental section, and trees and shrubs planted around the Carvel Center – each providing diverse examples of common landscape situations that Extension educators other presenters used at the Expo as teaching tools.

At a stop along his insect tour, Brian Kunkel pointed to bagworm cases that appeared on Crape Myrtles, Junipers and inanimate objects such as a brick wall and steel and PVC piping. Kunkel said timing was critical for bagworm control, adding that by the time cases are brown or grey, it is often too late to for spraying.

Cooperative Extension specialist and entomologist Brian Kunkel led a morning and afternoon tour, identifying both beneficial insects and pests commonly found in Delaware landscapes, and suggested control strategies and examples where no measures are necessary. IPM strategies emphasize the use of beneficial insects and parasitoids, which can effectively control damaging pests without the use of pesticides

Richard Pratt, state arborist with the Hagley Museum and Gardens partnered with UD Extension’s Dot Abbot and reviewed proper planting and pruning techniques for trees.  Delaware State Police Cpr/3 Keith Lamey conducted a session on the laws and regulations regarding commercial transport and the nuances between being classified as intra or inter – state business and provided guidance on commercial road safety.

In addition to landscapers, several state agencies were represented including the Delaware State Parks and Delaware Departments of Agriculture and Transportation. Rose Ogutu, an Extension specialist with Delaware State University, taught a session on soil health.

“To Delaware’s green industry, Cooperative Extension means top-notch researchers, educators and facilities,” said Valann Budischak, executive director of DNLA. “They keep us up to date on the latest practices and products and allow us to partner in some of their research projects.”

Michelle Rodgers, associate dean of UD’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and director of Cooperative Extension was impressed with the variety of practical sessions offered to the participants. “It is great to be in partnership with DNLA in order to share knowledge and expertise for Delawareans.”

To view more images from the 2012 Summer Turf and Nursery Expo, visit our photo album on Flickr, or view below.

Article and photos by Michele Walfred

UDel Extension offers Free Turf Workshop

8:00 – 8:30 am  Registration                                     Credits: 2.5 Nutrient, 1 Pest., 1 CNP, CCA


8:30-9:30 am  Greener Turf Care: Athletics and Lawns

Dr. Mike Goatley, Extension Turf Specialist, VA Tech

This presentation will focus specifically on organic and/or biological approaches in lawn and sports turf management, their possible successes, and their likely challenges.



9:30-10:30 am  Insects  & Diseases of Turf

Dr. Brian Kunkel, Extension Ornamental IPM Specialist, UD

A review of common insects & diseases in turfgrass.  Options for managing these pests with cultural tactics, biological control or chemicals will be discussed.

10:30-10:40 am   Break


10:40 – 11:40 am  Turf is NOT a 4-Letter Word

Dr. Mike Goatley, Extension Turf Specialist, VA Tech

This presentation will detail the potential value of turf as a means of protecting the

environment through responsible selections in grasses, fertility, and cultural

management programs.

11:40 am – 12:10 pm  Delaware Livable Lawns

Dr. Sue Barton, Ornamentals Specialist, UD
Rick Williams, R & L Irrigation Services

While many homeowners are unaware of how, when, and how much fertilizer to apply,   professional lawn care staff have the expertise to fertilize lawns correctly. The Voluntary Livable Lawns Program certifies lawn care companies that follow environmentally-friendly practices in fertilizer application while educating homeowners.  Join us to learn more about this initiative, the rationale behind it, and how your company can profit by participating in this program.

12:10 pm Adjourn

To Register: Contact Tracy Wootten, Carvel Research and Education Center.  There is no cost to attend the workshop.

(302) 856-7303

Delaware Cooperative Extension offers Ornamental Horticulture short courses for 2012

This year Delaware Cooperative Extension offers Ornamental Horticulture Short Course schedule, beginning in February and continuing through the spring.

Course topics include: integrated pest and disease management, turf weeds, insects and diseases, pruning, soil health, and insect identification.  Courses are scheduled in each county to address a variety of subjects, offer nutrient managment and pesticide credits to help you maintain your certification (s), and introduce you to both new and existing programs and resources. To register for a short course contact your county office.

Download the complete listing of 2012 Ornamental Horticulture Short Course for New Castle, Kent and Sussex counties

In Sussex County, the following courses have been scheduled at the Carvel Center:

  • Feb. 23, 2012  4-6 p.m. – Soil Health (Credits: 2 Nutrient, 1 CNP)  CANCELLED
  • TBA (Spring) half day. – Turf Workshop  (Credits: 2 Nutrient, 1 CNP)
  • March 27, 2012 4-6 p.m. – Pruning Trees and Shrubs  (Credits: 1 CNP, 2 ISA)
  • June 26, 2012 6-8 p.m. – Pest and Beneficial Insect Walk  (Credits: 2 Pest., 1 CNP)

Please register by contacting Tracy Wootten, Sussex County Extension Office
(302) 856-7303.

Pesticide, Certified Nursery Professional, Nutrient Management and ISA credits awarded for participation, please refer to each course for specifics.

Delaware Cooperative Extension is willing to come to you!

If you have 10 or more people, we will conduct a workshop at your site on:

  • Insects
  • Diseases
  • Weeds
  • Cultural problems
  • Sustainable landscapes
  • Business skills or other nursery or landscape topics that interest you and your employees. Cost is $10/person/

Scheduling is based on availabililty of the instructor wit the expertise in the topic you choose. Contact your local County Extension Agent:

  • New Castle: Carrie Murphy, (302) 831-2506
  • Sussex County: Tracy Wootten (302) 856-7303


Christmas Tree Production – Feb. 21, 2012  4-6 p.m.
Delaware Department of Agriculture
2320 S. DuPont Highway
Dover, Del.

Cost $10/  Credits: 2 Pest., 1 CNP

Learn to identify and control important pests and plant diseases that affect Christmas Trees in production. Instructors: Brian Kunkel, Nancy Gregory, Jeff Brothers. Register at any Extension office.

NCC (302) 831-2506 or email

Kent (302) 730-4000 or  email

Sussex (302) 856-7303 or email


Download the full 2012 Delaware Cooperative Extension Horticulture Short Courses