How to Confirm your Canvas Courses


After courses are created for the upcoming term, your new Canvas course sites will automatically appear in the Unpublished Courses section of your Dashboard.  You should have a course site for each course you are assigned.  


If you have a multiple-section course, only one course site will still appear on the Dashboard if combined by the Registrar’s Office.  The course combination process links the sections from several sites into this one parent site, which is the one you will see on your Dashboard.  To verify that the combination is correct, check that all sections are present in the parent site using the course People and Settings tools. 

The following example shows a cross-listed course (SOCI304-010/CRJU304-010) combined into one parent site, SOCI304-010.  Only the course card for SOCI304-010 appears on the Dashboard since it is the primary course in UDSIS.  To verify it includes other sections:

 1. Use the People tool.  The teacher should be associated with multiple sections in the course.

2. Check the course Settings.  Use the Sections tab to view all sections included in the course site.

In the example above, students enrolled in CJRU304-010 will also only see the SOCI304-010 parent site course card on their Dashboard and may be confused  about their enrollment.  Consider changing the course name and course code in Settings to be more inclusive (i.e. 20F-SOCI304-010/CRJU304-010) to avoid student confusion. If you have several sections in a combined course consider leaving off the section numbers and just listing the course (i.e. 20F-SOCI304/CRJU304).  For more information about course names and course codes, please review the Canvas guide, How do I change a course name and course code?


Important:  You may request changes to your course sites to either combine or separate section sites.  To request a change you must complete the Canvas@UD Course Combination Change Request form.  The request will be reviewed by the Registrar’s Office, and if approved, IT Academic Technology Services (IT-ATS) will manually make the adjustments.  Adjustments can only be made to section sites that have not been published and have no content.