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As an instructor, you can enable, disable, and reorder the tools that appear in your course navigation menu.

In your course, you may see that some of the menu tools have a visibility icon (Canvas gradebook visibility icon).  This icon indicates the tool will not displayed to students because it includes no published content or has been disabled.  For enabled tools that have no published content, the visibility icon will be removed once content is added, and the tool will be displayed to students.   For those that have been disabled, you may choose to modify you course navigation to enable them for student viewing.

To view or modify your course navigation:

    1. Click Settings.
    2. Click Navigation to open the tab.Canvas settings navigation tab menu item
    3. Use the options menu  (Canvas options menu displayed as three vertical dots ) to disable tools in the current navigation menu or to enable tools in the hidden list.  You can also drag and drop tools from one list to the other or to reorder their appearance in your course navigation.
    4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and Save.

For more information, please see the Canvas guide, How do I manage Course Navigation links?


How do I add other instructors to my course site?

To add users to your Canvas course:

    1. Click People in the course navigation menu.
    2. Click the +People button on the upper right side of the screen.
    3. Using the user’s UDEL e-mail, the proper course role, and course section, enter the enrollment information.
    4. Click Next and confirm the user information.
    5. Click Add Users.

The user will be sent an invitation to join the course, and you will see a Pending tag next to the user’s name People until it is accepted.

For more information, review the Canvas guide, How do I add users to a course?

If you are trying to the instructor to a past enrollment course, you may find that the +People button is grayed.  The +People button is disabled after the course has been moved to a read-only status two weeks after the official end of the term.  If it is within a year of that time, you as a teacher, can extend the course end date to a current date in Settings to make the course active again and add the user to your course.  For more information about term dates review the Canvas guide, How do I change the start and end dates for a course? Please note that making these changes will make your course active again for all participants, including students. It will place it on student Dashboards, etc.  We recommend that you make the extension brief or once the instructor has accepted the invitation (the pending tag will be removed in People) edit the term dates to remove the override to return the course to its concluded state to avoid student confusion.

If you wish to enroll a user in a course that completed more than a year ago, you will not be able to adjust the settings in your course to enable the +People button.  Please complete the Canvas Request Enrollment in a Course Site form to request the LMS group complete the enrollment.


How do I add an external user to my course site?

Faculty can sponsor non-UDEL users to use Canvas by creating a guest account. You can access the system from the by selecting “Guest Accounts” from the menubar at the top of this page.

To sponsor a guest, you must provide the user’s e-mail address. The user will be sent an invitation to complete the registration process. After it is complete, it will take the overnight synchronization to add the user to Canvas so that user will be available to add to your course.


How do I add third-party tools to my course site?

The steps to add a third-party application or external tool vary from application to application.  Some are already available to enable in your course through the Navigation tab in the course Settings, for example, publisher online tools. For a list of currently integrated third-party tools, please see the Canvas@UD blog post, Canvas Approved External Tools (LTI Tools).

If you do not see your third-party app in the Navigation list, please see the Canvas@UD blog post, Third Party Tool Integration, to find more information about the process for requesting a external tool integration into Canvas.



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