Canvas @ UD Newsletter

Feature articles:

Introducing the updated Canvas Integrated Learning Tools web page  
In order to help you determine which tools are available in Canvas and why you might use them, our team has created a new web page to serve as the definitive resource.
Learn more about how you can use this new resource to support your teaching.

May 29: Updated Discussions interface to be applied to all courses
The updated Discussions interface—available since 2021—will be applied to all courses beginning May 29. 
Find out more about the redesign and enable it in your course for a preview.

What’s New: 

  • Last chance to provide feedback on the Gradescope pilot

Spring 2024 is the last semester to evaluate the Gradescope pilot and provide your feedback. Over 500 courses were created in Gradescope last fall, and your help is still needed to make this pilot a success. In the latest Gradescope pilot update, single sign-on (SSO) authentication access is now available to automatically provision student accounts. If you have created a Gradescope course associated with your Canvas course, we’ll send you a survey request via email at the end of the spring semester. 

  • New Quizzes Update

Now that New Quizzes are enabled by default in all Canvas sites, review our latest post for tool updates and transition plans.

  • Review the latest LTI tools update

If you use McGraw Hill, Pearson, or Yellowdig LTI tools in Canvas and copied previous course content for spring, review the Third-Party External Tool Integrations Update to ensure these tools continue to work correctly in your course.  

  • Reminder: Upgrade to iClicker Cloud

Do you use iClickers for classroom polling and grading in Canvas? To continue using iClicker with roster synchronization, you must upgrade to iClicker Cloud, which has been in effect since January 2024. Physical bases and remotes in the classroom can still be used. Review these steps to assist in the transition.

Did you know: 

  • Canvas New Analytics is available in all Canvas sites.  This tool collects data on how students interact with your Canvas course and can be used to improve understanding of the subject matter, optimize the learning environment, and provide support to students. Learn more about available course data
  • UD Information Technologies recently enabled two Zoom AI Companion Tools: Meeting Summaries and Team Chat Thread Summaries. These tools can summarize conversations in Zoom meetings and threaded Team Chats. Hosts can share summaries with students who missed classes or need additional studying assistance. Visit our AI Companion Tools webpage for detailed information, instructions, and security guidelines.
  • Zoom has recently released several new meeting features including Importing Canvas Groups as Zoom Breakout Rooms, Zoom Notes, and Zoom Surveys. Review these new features. 
  • March 1: 2024 Rickards Teaching Innovation Grant applications open
    Following the success of its first-year projects, the Paul J. Rickards, Jr. Teaching Innovation Grant program is seeking new proposals starting March 1, 2024. Awards will support instructors developing and implementing innovative teaching strategies. Visit the grant website for complete program details, to submit a question, or to complete the application form.

Training & Events:

A variety of Canvas workshops are offered each month, both in-person and virtually. Check out our workshop calendar to learn more and register. Submit a request for a workshop customized to your department or program!

Register for an upcoming Tech Talk Tuesday!  Join your colleagues for discussion and demonstration of emerging technologies influencing the future of higher education.