The Gradescope pilot availability continues for your Spring 2024 courses.  Gradescope is a platform for assignment and exam submission, grading, and analytics.  It integrates with Canvas to facilitate the grading of hand-written assignments and problems and coding assignments.  This is the final term to evaluate the tool as part of the pilot before it is assessed for adoption.  Instructors and students are important partners in a pilot – your feedback is essential to the evaluation process!.   Recommending a tool for adoption and support depends in part on:

  • the breadth of the potential audience for the tool
  • how well the tool meets user needs
  • how easy it is to use and support
  • the cost of adoption

As part of the the evaluation, the pilot will continue to monitor Spring 2024 usage data and distribute surveys to instructors and other participants.  The pilot has also enabled Single Sign-On capability to auto provision student accounts and to allow students to easily use the Gradescope mobile app to scan submissions.  Students just select the University of Delaware from Gradescope’s school list to enter the UD credentials to enter a course you have synchronized with Canvas.

At the conclusion of the Fall 2023 term, approximately 472 catalog courses had created a Gradescope course associated with their Canvas course.  But only 35 of those courses included assignments indicating no student usage in the majority of the courses made.  Most of assignments were fixed length type which is typically used mostly for exams, and the Chemistry and Computer Science department instructors were the largest users.  Broader use is necessary for university-wide adoption given the tool cost.  We continue to need your help.

The tool does have a small learning curve, but you can view this pre-recorded Introduction to Gradescope workshop for an introduction.

If your students are already submitting work images to a Canvas assignment, try one test assignment and see how it works for you especially if you grade paper assignments for a large number of students.  Create a Gradescope assignment and ask them to upload to Gradescope too so you have some content to test.  Follow these steps and the Gradescope guides to get started.

    • Create a new Gradescope course.
    • Synchronize your roster to create student accounts.
    • Create and link an assignment.  Just use a blank page as the template if needed.  Note: Canvas@UD is integrated with Gradescope LTI 1.3, so make sure to use the LTI 1.3 tab for correct steps.  You can do this step in one of two ways:  create the assignment in Gradescope and then one in Canvas and link to it or create an external tool type assignment in Canvas, choose the Gradescope tool and create the Gradescope assignment through the interface.
    • Ask your students to submit.


Where to go for help?  We are learning too!  Please e-mail so that help can work through an issue with you.  But if you need more immediate assistance, Use the Gradescope Help Center to find information and answers to frequently asked questions.  If you have a specific question, Gradescope support can also help with any problems or questions you may have.