Share your feedback with the Canvas product team! Browse themes, vote on your favorites, and join the discussion October 16 through November 15.

If you are a consistent visitor to the Canvas Community, you may have noticed some changes over the past few years in how Instructure, the parent company of Canvas, manages communication with community members to provide a method for product feedbacks, identify trends, determine priority, and collaborate on high value solutions,  Previously known as Idea Conversations, any community member could post an idea in the community and provide input to the Instructure support team to prioritize work on new and existing features.  After review by the product managers, the idea could become available for voting up by the community.  That process and content became far too cumbersome to navigate with over 4,000 open ideas near the end of 2022.

In November, 2022, Instructure decided to make a change to streamline the process and improve transparency.  They moved the existing idea conversations into a read-only mode in order to work through the multiple years of input and feedback and to strategize about the next version of Idea Conversations.  Then they released a plan for a path forward.

How does this new process work?  Any registered user can submit an idea to initiate a conversation about improvements or enhancements to Canvas product functionality.  If you have not signed in to the community before, you may need to create an account.  Product managers frequently review the submissions and map ideas to new or existing themes.  Themes are created based on trends in idea submissions and are used to group similar ideas.  Twice per year, users will be able to vote or comment on a theme during a 30-day voting window.

When is the voting window?  NOW!  The Voting Window is open from October 16 through November 15.   Once this window closes, future windows are planned annually for February and October.  There are nine themes available in this second voting window.

Please take this time to browse themes and vote on those you believe provide the most value to our Canvas@UD community.   If you have questions, please contact the LMS group at