As of August 15, 2022, a Course Accessibility Report was made available in every course within Canvas. This report, found on your course navigation menu, consolidates in one place an accessibility score, and links to any issues found in your course.

Information regarding this new report can be found on the Blackboard Ally website.

Remember each course site owner (instructor) is responsible to make the digital content in their course as accessible as possible. The Ally tool was integrated in Canvas, back in February of 2019 during UD’s Accessibility Initiative, to assist in identifying problem areas and steps to make your content more accessible where needed.

Last August, during Keep Calm and Teach On (KCTO), a workshop was held virtually on “How accessible is your digital content.” This session was recorded and is now available. A few time markers on the recording are provided if you are looking for specific information on Ally, the Canvas Accessibility Overview course, and the new Course Accessibility Report.

  • Ally review – 16:00
  • Canvas Accessibility Overview – 19:00
  • Canvas live demo, Canvas Accessibility Overview Course – 22:40
  • Canvas live demo, Canvas Accessibility Report – 37:00