Engage your students by adding video content! Videos can be included in your Canvas course with the Media Gallery tool or by embedding them directly into your Canvas Pages.

Get inspired – Ideas for incorporating video content in your Canvas course!

  •  UD Capture:  The UD Capture service automatically records your class sessions for the entire semester. This fall, UD Capture added a new service to select classrooms, called UD Capture +Zoom, utilizing Zoom to record your lecture sessions. With an installed camera, microphone, and integrated Zoom meeting, you can bring your course and recordings to the next level.
    •  Ideas for UD Capture +Zoom:
      •  Presentations: Take advantage of the installed camera by recording presentations. Through Zoom, students can wirelessly project their presentation slides. Keep recordings private in My Media to review when grading, or share the videos with students to incorporate them with Discussions or peer review tools.
      •  Demonstrations: Record demonstrations in the classroom to enhance the learning experience. For example, record demonstrations in art conservation, nursing, or physical therapy courses! Add the recording into your Canvas pages or to the Media Gallery.
      •  Record the board: Use the touch panel in the room to zoom the camera in close on the chalkboard in the room to record what you write!
      •  Remote students: Students can participate more than just online in the Canvas course by joining the live class Zoom meeting from anywhere! Remote students can also give their presentations by screen sharing, which can be seen by classroom participants over the projector.
      • Guest speakers: Bring in a professional to speak to your class from anywhere they are! Invite your guest to join the Zoom meeting to present to your class, and share the recording with your students after!
  • Create your own content: Create your own videos at home or in one of our studios! Break up the text in your Canvas pages and engage students with supplemental visual content.
    •  Ideas for creating your own video content:
      • Zoom: Recording to the Cloud with Zoom will automatically save your videos to your My Media in Canvas, which you can then share with students by publishing to the Media Gallery or embedding videos into pages. Zoom allows you to record your audio, video, screen sharing, document camera, and virtual whiteboards! Learn more here!
      •  Express Capture and Personal Capture: Use the “Add New” button in your My Media section to record and post a video quickly with Express Capture directly from your browser, or use Personal Capture to record with the Capture desktop application to record your video, audio, and screenshare. Learn more about recording at home!
      • Studios: Schedule a time to record in our Pearson studios. Create a high quality recording in our Green Screen Studio to introduce new modules, concepts, or instructions for assignments. Use the Lightboard Studio to create high quality recordings of yourself and a transparent whiteboard!