A Canvas production update will occur on Saturday, October 15, 2022. Check out the full release notes.  Production updates occur on third Saturday of each month, and the next planned update is Saturday, November 19, 2022.  There are no significant interface changes in this production release, but there have been some updates in the deploys since the last production update:

File Visibility Access (October 12 deploy)
Instructors can now manage visibility of specific files in public courses for students. Please note, your catalog course site visibility is set to Course by default and should not be modified or customized in the course Settings. Changing this option to Institution or Public may allow students not enrolled in your course to access your course content using a link. This release note is only to make you aware of the differences in the new visibility options interface in your course Files.

If you update an individual file’s visibility access, you will see a new “Visibility” option in the interface. The default value should match the visibility setting for the course and should be “Inherit from Course”. There is no need to change this option setting if you have not changed the default visibility setting of your course.

RCE Icon Maker- Use Custom Images (September 28 deploy)
Instructors can upload and crop custom images and course images in the Rich Content Editor Icon Maker. This update provides instructors with more options for customization of icons.

Instructors can also now crop an image to shape, rotate an image, flip and image, zoom an image, or reset an image. For more information about the RCE Icon Maker, please see the the Canvas@UD Release Notes for April 16, 2022 or the Canvas Feature Preview documentation.

External Link Icon Update (September 28 deploy)
The icon identifying the use of external links has been updated to the modern INST-UI version. This update is an interface change only.

For more information, browse the Canvas Release Notes to find updated features or bug fixes that apply to you based on your Canvas usage.  If you have any questions about the changes or about how to use Canvas effectively, IT-Academic Technology Services staff is always available at the IT-ATS Welcome Bar or you can send your questions to canvas-info@udel.edu.