A Canvas production update will occur on Saturday, September 18, 2021. Check out the full release notes.  Production updates occur on third Saturday of each month, and the next planned update is Saturday, October 16, 2021. Updates in the current release include:

Dashboard –  To Do SpeedGrader Link (September 15 deploy)
For instructors, the Grade Assignment link in the To Do list opens to SpeedGrader in a new browser tab to provide consistency within the To Do list, as the link already opens to SpeedGrader with items that need to be graded from the course sidebar.

Differentiated Assignments Student Secondary Information (September 15 deploy)
Secondary SIS ID information will appear in the Assign to field to differentiate students with the same name.

Conferences Link Update (September 15 Deploy)
The Conferences course navigation Link has been replaced again to remove the Formerly designation. No functionality has been affected.  The  Conferences designation will be removed from the link in the 12-18-2021 Canvas release.

Conferences Group and Sections Options (September 15 Deploy)
When creating a new conference, the Conferences page includes checkboxes for selecting groups and sections to add all members of a specific section or group to a conference. To display the options, uncheck the default “Invite All Course Members” option.



For more information, browse the Canvas Release Notes to find updated features or bug fixes that apply to you based on your Canvas usage.  If you have any questions about the changes or about how to use Canvas effectively, IT-Academic Technology Services staff is always available at the IT-ATS Welcome Bar or you can send your questions to canvas-info@udel.edu.