Read below for the latest updates and resources for integrated tools in Canvas. To learn more, faculty can attend the Keep Calm and Teach On (KCTO) workshop session for each tool or visit the ATS Virtual Welcome Bar via Zoom to speak to a consultant Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30. p.m.

  • Perusall – Collaborative Annotation tool
    • Students annotate readings and asynchronously respond to each other’s comments and questions in context. Perusall proactively engages students with automated personalized guidance, ensuring continual motivation. Keep track of student progress at a glance, and utilize the “student confusion report” to help plan class time.
  • Google Assignments
    • Google Assignments is one of the key components in the new Google Apps LTI. It streamlines the creation and management of Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more. You can use the originality reports feature to check for missed citations and possible plagiarism. If you choose to grade with Google Assignments, you can also provide rich feedback quickly using a comment bank of your most frequently used feedback. And with the permissions management feature, you can automatically lock work once it’s turned in.
      Google Assignments is secure by design and built to meet rigorous educational compliance standards. Your privacy and data security will be well protected.
      For more information, visit this Google Assignments website.
  • Never Fear Poll Everywhere Is Here: The Top 4 Reasons You’ll Want To Use It
    • You may consider using Poll Everywhere as we prepare for the fall semester, with many returning to in-person teaching after well over a year. Poll Everywhere is a great solution no matter how you’re delivering your course to students: in-person, online, or a combination. Poll Everywhere is an online polling platform that is able to collect real-time responses from students using any computer or mobile device with internet access. Here are the top 4 reasons Poll Everywhere is the best game in town:
      1. Flexibility in Teaching Environment: Poll Everywhere can be used for a diversity of learning experiences with the ability for remote participation, in-person participation, or remote participation for in-person classes.
      2. Student Engagement: Poll Everywhere connects learners to the course materials, providing the ability to engage them in weekly concepts and motivate them to keep learning throughout the semester.
      3. Academic Integrity: Poll Everywhere promotes academic honesty while creating authentic learning experiences for students through a diversity of question types, the ability to limit response times, and limit changing responses.
      4. Accessibility: You have the ability to convert synchronous poll questions to asynchronous, self-paced poll questions by converting a group of polls to a survey. This allows students who may need more time (or who were unable to attend class) to participate in polls.
  • Respondus Tools for Assessment
    • Respondus offers a suite of assessment tools like LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor that are integrated directly in Canvas. LockDown Browser prevents students from accessing other websites or files on their computer; Respondus Monitor records the students taking the Canvas Quiz to provide a comprehensive report. We recently updated our LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor faculty resources website with helpful tutorials and information. Students can visit the student resources website for more tutorials and helpful information. Check the Respondus website throughout the year for upcoming webinars on LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor.
  • Yellowdig Engage
    • Are you interested in using the Yellowdig discussion and engagement platform in your Canvas courses this year? Starting in fall 2021, Yellowdig has partnered with the UD Bookstore to make Yellowdig available to students for a per-course fee of $12.45 via the bookstore’s digital delivery program. (NOTE: Lerner College has a site license for their students who will not be charged this per course fee). If you plan to use Yellowdig, please send an email to Jennifer Galt ( and Tyler Rohrbaugh (, including your course code and “Yellowdig” in the subject line. From there, you will just need to make sure that Yellowdig is enabled in your Canvas course-site before your class begins.
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