A Canvas production update will occur on Saturday, May 15, 2021. Check out the full release notes. Production updates occur on third Saturday of each month, and the next planned update is Saturday, June 19, 2021. Updates in the current release include:

Assignments – Student Annotation Submissions
The online submission type for assignments has a new option – annotated assignment.  This new submission type will allow you to upload a file that students can annotate using the SpeedGrader interface and submit directly in Canvas avoiding the need for students to print, scan, or take photos of some assignments to submit.  Completed submissions are viewed in SpeedGrader with the student’s annotations shown for grading.

If a student later views a previously submitted attempt, the annotations on the file are shown as read only and additional annotations are not allowed.  Student annotation assignments cannot be used for group assignments.  For more information, please see the Canvas@UD blog post New Online Submission Type – Student Annotation.

New Quizzes – Save and Build Button Workflow (April 28 deploy)
The New Quizzes interface now includes both a Save button and a Build button during quiz creation or edit to align the Save button behavior with other areas of Canvas.

The Save button saves the content in the existing assignment page and returns the user to the area where the quiz was accessed. This change to the Save button mimics similar behavior located throughout Canvas regarding saving page content.

The Build button distinctively separates the workflow for building a quiz.  The Build button saves the existing page and launches the New Quizzes editor.


For more information, browse the Canvas Release Notes to find updated features or bug fixes that apply to you based on your Canvas usage.  If you have any questions about the changes or about how to use Canvas effectively, IT-Academic Technology Services staff is always available at the IT-ATS Welcome Bar or you can send your questions to canvas-info@udel.edu.