For your convenience, we have added a new “Canvas Forms” link on the Canvas Gateway page’s menu bar where you can access and submit the following forms: 

  • Miscellaneous Site Request form
  • Canvas Course Combination Change Request form
  • Canvas Consultation Request form

The Miscellaneous Site Request form is for requesting a staging site to begin development work for a Canvas course you will be teaching. Staging sites cannot be published and therefore are not for student use. You can also request an “other” site for special situations which require the teaching and learning tools within a Canvas site, such as Independent Study courses. 

The Course Combination Change Request form is for requesting to combine or separate sections of a Canvas course you are teaching.

The Consultation Request form allows you to request special assistance in Canvas, including:

  • Individual consultation
  • Short presentation at a faculty meeting
  • Departmental “drop-in” consultation support (staff can be present at your location for faculty questions (i.e. conference room drop-ins)
  • Customized departmental workshop
  • Not sure of needs – other types of requests