Below is a text-only version of the February 2021 Edition of the Canvas@UD Newsletter.



Update on the course creation process

Time to read: 2 minutes

All courses for the spring semester have been automatically created and you should see them on your Canvas Dashboard in the Unpublished Courses section. This automated course creation process will stay in effect through summer and fall 2021.

Need to combine or separate sections of your courses? Submit the Course Combination Change Request form.

Check out these recent updates to the course creation process.

Adding external users to assist with student accommodations

Time to read: 4 minutes

Some faculty have expressed concerns about potential FERPA and HIPAA violations when adding external vendors to a course. If you are using external vendors to assist with student accommodations, you need to coordinate with Disability Support Services (DSS) and the vendor before moving forward.

Learn how and when to add external users to assist with student accommodations.

What’s New: Access Canvas request forms from the Canvas Gateway page

Time to read: 2 minutes

For your convenience, we have added a new “Canvas Forms” link on the Canvas Gateway page’s menu bar where you can access and submit the following forms:

  • Miscellaneous Course Site Request form
  • Canvas Course Combination Change Request form
  • Canvas Consultation Request form

screenshot showing the Canvas Gateway page menu bar with Canvas Forms links

Access Canvas request forms right from the Canvas Gateway page navigation.

What’s New: Canvas to introduce a new gradebook view option on February 20

Time to read: 4 minutes

Canvas will introduce the “View Ungraded as 0” gradebook view option on February 20, 2021. This option allows instructors to view student grades as if all ungraded assignments were scored as zero points. This changes the view only and does not affect student grades.

Learn how to use the “View Ungraded as 0” option.

Did you know?

  • Remember to request UD Capture Classroom recordings for your spring courses by February 12 to ensure that your first class is recorded. Request UD Capture Classroom Recordings.
  • Wish your students could collectively annotate readings and comment interactively in real time? Learn how to use Perusall in Canvas.
  • The new Canvas Rich Content Editor is now in effect, offering you a more condensed, intuitive look and improved user experience. Canvas New RCE Enabled
  • FAQs can be found under Faculty Help on the Canvas Gateway page. Learn helpful tips like how to add other instructors to a past enrollment course. Explore FAQs
  • Migrate your UD Capture Archives by July 1, 2021. All pre-2017 UD Capture Archives you wish to keep must be migrated by the deadline. Migrate Your UD Capture Recordings.


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