Below is a text-only version of the August 2020 Special Edition of the Canvas@UD Newsletter


Feature Article: Creating and using videos that make a difference when teaching online

What’s New Article: Quizzes Tool

Did you know?

Reminders for fall

Creating and using videos that make a difference when teaching online

Time to read: 5 minutes

Whether you are creating or finding videos for your course, this learning technology can be a resource intensive, but effective, way to teach your students.

Here’s how to make sure the videos you are using are making an impact.

What’s New: New Quizzes option

Time to read: 3 minutes

We’ve enabled New Quizzes as an optional feature for faculty interested in using this new tool for their online courses.

Learn more about this new way to do quizzes in Canvas.

Did you know?

  • Students can learn about technology (including Canvas) and get technical support through the Tech at UD website. You can share specific Canvas links from the Learning Resources page.
  • You can pull the Student Support and Help Resources Module from the Canvas Commons into your course which provides links to student help for Canvas, Zoom, remote learning and other UD services. To find, preview and download the module/page, click on the Commons link from the blue global navigation bar on the left (you should have already logged into Canvas). The Student Support and Help Resources Module is right there. Click on it to preview. Download or import it from the blue link on the right of the preview page if you would like to add it to your course site.

Reminders for fall

  • Last day to request any course combination changes to your Canvas courses is August 31st.
  • Don’t forget to publish your course for your students to have access.
  • Add a little instructor presence to your course.
    • add your photo to your Canvas profile
    • add a bio/personal sketch to your Canvas profile
    • add your photo to your Canvas home page (bonus points for using a different photo from your profile)
    • consider have an open discussion topic for general class questions (be sure to Subscribe for updates)
    • have a first welcome announcement scheduled for the first day of classes
    • create an intro video


We are offering ongoing workshops throughout the fall semester. Visit the Canvas gateway page to view the calendar and to register.

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