So you already use quizzes to test your students knowledge of the course material. But, have you considered using quizzes to gather feedback and opinions from your students?

As we approach mid-semester, consider gathering some information from your students about the effectiveness of your course. By surveying your students now, you will still have time to make adjustments to your course, if needed, where it can make a positive impact on the success of your course.

Using the Stop, Start, and Continue strategy (shown below) you can easily gather useful and actionable feedback from your students. This strategy poses three simple questions to help you get a sense of what is working and what is not in your classroom.  

  • STOP: What could we stop doing because it does not increase your learning success in this class?
  • START: What could we start doing to increase your learning success in this class?
  • CONTINUE: What should we continue doing because it is positively impacting your learning success in this class?

(To learn more about this assessment technique see this infographic from the Faculty Commons website.

The Quizzes tool in Canvas allows the instructor to create and administer online quizzes and surveys. These online quizzes and surveys can be graded or ungraded. If they are ungraded, you have the option of making them anonymous.

An anonymous survey, displays a generic Student 1, Student 2, etc. when showing the results.

To learn more about the Quizzes tool in Canvas and the various different quiz types, visit the Canvas Guides documentation. 

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