Lindsay Erndwein

Since age three, Lindsay has been allured by insects. She grew up immersed in the natural world – overturning rocks, catching butterflies, raising ladybugs, and petting bees. She obtained her B.S. in materials science and engineering with an entomology focus from Penn State in 2017. During her undergraduate years, Lindsay assisted some of the earliest research on the spotted lanternfly infestation and its impact on the grape industry. What propels her research is the idea that studying insect behavior, physiology, and materials can inspire novel biomimetic innovations and technologies. Under the dual guidance of Dr. Erin Sparks of plant and soil sciences and Dr. Ivan Hiltpold of entomology, she studies the effects of insect herbivory on the growth and biomechanics of corn brace roots. Lindsay’s ultimate dream is to build a self sustaining tiny house, move to Arizona, and study desert entomology. She enjoys visual arts, running, and hiking.