Erin Sparks

Erin joined the University of Delaware’s Department of Plant and Soil Sciences in June 2017.  Before the move to Blue Hen country, she was working as a postdoc in Philip Benfey’s lab at Duke University looking at gene regulatory networks in Arabidopsis root development.  How did she get here, you ask?  Well… it all started in a little town next to the town in Illinois famous for being the home of John Deere World Headquarters.  Growing up Erin thought EVERYONE knew the importance of a green tractor. Alas, in college upon bragging about said upbringing, she was sorely disappointed to learn that a friend thought John Deere was a country singer… Despite growing up in the midst of Illinois corn country, Erin’s early career focused on biomedical research and animal development.  It wasn’t until her postdoc where she returned to her roots (pun most definitely intended) and started digging (yup another one) into the mechanisms of root development and function.  When she’s not in lab, Erin is usually cooking excessive amounts of food, crafting miscellaneous somethings, or reading fiction.

Erin is also a big fan of social media and open-source everything. You can find out more from her various accounts below.