Program Assistant, Point Lookout Organic Garden, Centerville, DE

Point Lookout is a small organic garden outside of Centerville, DE that hosts urban youth ages 4-18 during the growing season.  The Garden is a project of the Point Lookout Farmlife & Water Preserve Foundation and is free to visit by partner organizations.  We have a range of programs that focus on horticulture, nutrition, animal husbandry, and the broader ecosystems.  We have vegetable, berry and flower gardens as well as chickens, horses, goats and bee hives.  The Garden is surrounded by woods and meadow trails and a riparian area.  There is also a large outdoor brick oven that is used daily for cooking.

 We are looking for an assistant to work with our Garden Manager and Educational Programs Supervisor (the Manager) to prepare and implement our programs from mid-June through mid-August.  Our assistant should be passionate about connecting kids to nature and the origins of their food.  Duties of the Assistant would include helping the Manager:

  • Prepare and plant the gardens,
  • Manage gardens’ growth and replanting,
  • Care for the animals (including making of goat cheese and honey retrieval),
  • Prepare and cook food,
  • Lead and supervise groups of students around the garden and surrounding areas
  • Record daily events and activities, and
  • Develop new activities and areas of focus.

Candidates should also have strong organizational skills.  Assistant would be needed mid-June through mid-August.  Hourly compensation is provided and Assistant would report to the Manager.  Educational credits are also possible.  Hours are approximately 9am-4pm Monday-Friday but are flexible.  Please contact ptlookout@verizon.net if you are interested.