Chanticleer Internship Program
The Chanticleer Internship is a 6-9 month opportunity for select individuals to
intensively deepen their understanding of the art of horticulture. Chanticleer is a
plant-driven, highly aesthetic 47-acre public garden with the unofficial motto,
“beauty without bureaucracy”. Chanticleer is a small, lean organization that
institutes high standards across the organization.

  • Chanticleer Model of Garden Leadership:
    • Horticulture staff are the primary designers for their section
    • Emphasis on direct interaction between top management and garden staff
    • Is a pleasure garden and treats every visitor as a personal guest
    • Promotes the education of emerging and existing professionals in the field of
  • Internship Responsibilities: By working alongside the Horticulture staff, the intern
    will advance his/her skills as well as contribute to the garden overall. Interns are treated as part of the garden staff.
    • 6-9 month position, beginning as early as March 1
    • Monday – Friday, 7:30am-4pm & occasional weekend duties
    • Hands-on horticultural maintenance
    • Study plants, plant care, design and garden management
    • Rotate through each section of the garden and perform duties specific to each
    • Observe the dynamic of the staff, garden guests, and managers
    • Interact with the Grounds Manager and Executive Director
  • Application Requirements: The right candidate will have a passion for learning
    about the garden, horticulture, plants, and leadership.
    • Practical experience in gardening required, formal training and education in
    horticulture is required
    • A proficiency with plants and gardening tasks
    • Candidate will demonstrate a commitment to working in the field of
    • Self-starting, industrious candidate is required