Northeastern Regional Publication No. 493
3rd Edition

Agricultural Experiment Stations of Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and West Virginia

Prepared by:
The Northeast Coordinating Committee for Soil Testing

Revised July 1, 2011


Title Page

Foreword to the 3rd Edition

  • Maurice L. Horton,USDA Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service

Northeast Coordinating Committee on Soil Testing (NECC1312) Current Members

Introduction: Soil Testing in the Northeastern United States

  • Ann Wolf and Josh McGrath

Chapter 1: Laboratory Quality Assurance Programs

  • Bruce Hoskins

Chapter 2: Soil Sample Preparation and Extraction

  • Bruce Hoskins and Donald Ross

Chapter 3: Recommended Soil pH and Lime Requirement Tests

  • J. Thomas Sims and Donald Eckert

Chapter 4: Recommended Soil Nitrate Tests

  • Gary Griffin, William Jokela, Donald Ross, Dawn Pettinelli, Thomas Morris and Ann Wolf

Chapter 5: Recommended Soil Tests for Macro and Micronutrients

  • Ann Wolf and Douglas Beegle

Chapter 6: Recommended Soil Tests for Boron

  • Bruce Hoskins

Chapter 7: Recommended Soil Sulfate-S Tests

  • Rabinder Singh, D. K. Bhumbla and R. F. Keefer

Chapter 8: Recommended Soil Organic Matter Tests

  • E. E. Schulte and Bruce Hoskins

Chapter 9: Recommended Methods for Determining Soil Cation Exchange Capacity

  • Donald Ross and Quirine Ketterings

Chapter 10: Recommended Soluble Salts Tests

  • Karen Gartley, University of Delaware

Chapter 11: Recommended Soil Tests for Extractable Lead

  • Dawn Pettinelli, University of Connecticut

Chapter 12: Recommended Soil Test for Silicon

  • Joseph Heckman and Ann Wolf

Chapter 13: Recommended Test Procedures for Greenhouse Growth Media

  • Daryl Warncke

Chapter 14: Interpretation of Soil Testing Results

  • Douglas Beegle

Appendix: Summary of Methods Used by Public Soil Testing Laboratories in the Northeastern United States

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