Please view the module “Soil Sampling and Testing”.¬† Upon completion of this module, you should:

  1. Understand the value and importance of soil testing;
  2. Know the four steps of a soil testing program; and
  3. Know how to collect and submit a soil sample to the University of Delaware Soil Testing Program.

Module: Soil Sampling and Testing

Please answer the questions in the quiz related to the video that you have viewed. Once you have the completed the quiz, the answers will be recorded and graded. You will need to achieve a score of 80% to receive credit for the continuing education module. You can retake the quiz at any time.

Quiz: Soil Sampling and Testing

Note: Procedures for submitting soil samples to other regional laboratories may vary. We recommend you contact the laboratory of your choice to determine any specific requirements for sample submission. The Delaware Department of Agriculture maintains a list of approved regional soil test laboratories.

University of Delaware Cooperative Extension is an equal opportunity provider.

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