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Module Materials and Instructions

The webinar “Delaware Annual Report Supplemental Questionnaire” summarizes how to complete the new Supplemental Annual Report Form to help Delaware get credit for advanced agricultural nutrient management practices in the Chesapeake Bay Model.

Upon completion of  this webinar you will:

  1. Learn the importance of documenting advanced nutrient management in Delaware;
  2. Understand how data provided will be used and protected; and
  3. How to complete the Annual Report supplemental questionnaire.

Note: You will receive 0.5 CEUs for completion of this webinar and quiz. You can receive an additional 1.5 CEUs upon submission of this form to DDA.

Webinar: Delaware Annual Report Supplemental Questionnaire

Transcript: Delaware Annual Report Supplemental Questionnaire

Please answer the questions in the quiz related to the webinar that you viewed. Once you have the completed the quiz, the answers will be recorded and graded. You will need to achieve a score of 80% to receive credit for the continuing education module. IMPORTANT: You have five attempts to complete the quiz with this link, so we highly recommend that you review the educational material before you complete the quiz.

Quiz: Delaware Annual Report Supplemental Questionnaire

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